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Tunisia is a small country, with thousands of years of history, wild and beautiful scenery and friendly and hospitable people. Tunisia’s maze of old roads and trails are now being opened, combined into long-distance cultural routes and clusters of day-walks.

Below is the list of the routes that we can offer :

  • Discover the history of Carthage, the Roman era and the birth of Christianity (1 day)
  • Byrsa’s monuments, history of the harbors and the Second Punic War ( ½ day)
  • The Roman remains (1 day)
  • The Ottoman architecture and history of the Regency of Tunis (1 day)
  • Works of Hussein Ben Ali, King of the Kingdom of Hejaz (1day)
  • Works of Ali Pacha bey of Tunis ( 1 day)
  • Architecture of Halfaouine (1 day)
  • Palaces and mansions of Tunis (1 day)
  • Colonial Architecture (1 day)

For more details please contact us by email : contact (@) ten.tn