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The Ichkeul cave is located in the Ichkeul mountain, about twenty kilometres from the city of Bizerte, in the Ichkeul National Park that covering an area of 12,600 hectares including a lake of 8,500 hectares. This cave shows limestone, dolomitic, and marble rocks date from Triassic and Jurassic and are located above a collapsed ditch.

The cave has a narrow entrance allowing access to a vast room with large cracks along the walls with several cavities. The room is followed by a narrow corridor formed by the wall and giant calcitic concretions, which ends with a stack of 32 metres. On the sides of the second room there are draperies, small stalactites and young stalagmites. The cave is well lit and ventilated, and it has a diverse wildlife, including bats, birds and reptiles.


  • 06:45: Meet in Tunis
  • 07:00: Travel to Bizerte
  • 09:00: Visit of the ecological museum of the park
  • 12:00: Hike to the cave entry
  • 12:00: Lunch break
  • 12:30: Exploring the cave.
  • 14:00: End of cave exploring
  • 16:00: Travel to Tunis
  • 17:00: Back to Tunis

Cost : 100 €  ( 15€ transportation fees + 10€ insurance + 10€ equipment rent + 5€ lunch + 10€ booking fees + 50 €  instructors fees )

This adventure will be provided by a team of instructors of  the Caving Association of Bizerte

For more details please contact us by email : contact (@) ten.tn